Welcome to My Website


My name is Ingrid

I have lived in England for many years,but I come from Oslo, Norway.

I mainly paint Oils, and I am an admirer of the 'Expressionist' school of Art

I have had the good fortune to study in Essex as a mature student, and in 2010 I graduated,

obtaining a B.A,(Honours) Degree in Fine Art, and during the final year my course exhibited

my work together with other students in London.


Since then I have exhibited as a freelance at the Norwegian Church in London and at an

Italian Cafe which offers gallery space to visiting artists


I am a member of my local art society, and have a studio in Hadleigh in a converted Fire

Station, leased by an Arts Charity, together with many other artists which gives the

opportunity to exchange ideas on each other's work, and also to hold exhibitions on the